Global scale, local insight

Bunge operates in more than 40 countries, combining local expertise and global capabilities to deliver outstanding results for customers, shareholders and society.

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Bunge’s agribusiness operations include buying grains and oilseeds from farmers, then storing, transporting and selling them to domestic and export customers. We also provide financial, risk management and logistics services. Our global network of facilities spans six continents and includes grain elevators, oilseed processing plants and strategically located port terminals. We also have marketing and trading offices and joint venture operations.

Food and ingredients

Bunge produces edible oils and milled grains that are key ingredients in some of the world’s biggest brands, private label products and millions of restaurant meals. We source oilseeds and grains from our agribusiness unit and add value through product innovation and customer service.

Sugar and bioenergy

Bunge is a leading producer of sugar and ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil and a global sugar trader. Brazil is now easily the biggest producer in the world, with an annual harvest of around 600 million metric tons, of a world total of 1.6 billion. Unlike some other crops, sugarcane must be milled close to where it is grown, so we operate farms near our eight mills.


Meeting the world’s increasing need
The three most important crops in the world are grains: corn (maize), wheat and rice. They are also the backbone of TTRC’s agribusiness activities. As the global market continues to grow, particularly in developing countries, there is a widening mismatch between where crops are produced and where they are consumed. Complex geopolitics, extreme climate conditions and economic uncertainty mean trade in basic foodstuffs has never been more important.

Managing physical flows

Excellent systems and exceptional teamwork
Nearly 20 years of experience in transporting and storing foodstuffs means we are experts in managing physical flows, as we connect farmers to customers across the world. As part of this collective approach, we have learned how to anticipate and bridge timing differences. Farmers and consumers often transact at different times, each wanting to secure their margins well into the future. We only get once chance to serve each of them. We have also developed considerable risk management expertise. By hedging risk exposures and anticipating market developments, we protect and enhance our return on assets. When circumstances change, we’re always ready to adjust our sourcing to satisfy our customers.


A balanced approach to a global business
Oilseeds such as soybeans, rapeseed, canola and sunflower seeds are the basis for a wide range of foods, animal feeds and other products. We have built relationships with oilseed growers and customers for over 100 years and are now the world’s largest oilseed processor. Because we sell much of our output to our own Food & Ingredients business, we are well placed to streamline the overall production process, helping us increase efficiency and create more value.


Better crops for farmers
Our business starts with farmers. We partner with them, providing fertilizer and know-how to help them produce larger and better harvests. We sell blended nitrogen, phosphate and potassium (NPK) fertilizer formulas, mixed nutrients and liquid fertilizer products. These fertilizers boost root production, leaf and stem growth and flowering and fruiting and increase resistance to pests and disease. This means that farmers can grow more food on the land they already use, reducing the need to farm new areas.


Supplying milled grains
As global demand increases, our grain milling business continues to grow. We supply milled wheat, corn and rice products to food processors, bakeries, brewers, foodservice companies and snack food producers.

Edible oils

Oils are indispensable ingredients that shape taste, nutrition and culinary experience
We help meet the needs of a hungry and growing world every day through our winning portfolio of oils products that bring flavor, variety and versatility, and nutritional benefits. TTRC’s produces oils-based ingredients and products that meet evolving dietary needs, deliver the functionality food processors, chefs and home cooks demand, and suit the diverse tastes and preferences of consumers in every part of the world.

Sugar and bioenergy

Sugarcane to feed and fuel Brazil and the world
We produce two types of sugar: raw sugar that is similar to the sugar traded on major commodities exchanges and sold almost exclusively for export and non-refined white crystal sugar. At present, the ethanol markets are largely domestic. Demand is growing, with an expected 18% a year. 

However, export opportunities are also growing. Countries representing around 80% of global petroleum demand are introducing blending targets.