See what can we do for you and your business in Textiles Recycling

Collection Textile

Why is it important to recycle clothing and shoes?

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Textile Recycling

We have a fully covered loading area where our clothing Imports and Exports are handled.

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Textile Recycling Logistics

Goods are shipped in containers or by road – we always take the quickest route from the supplier to the destination.

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Sale Textile Recycling

No finished goods are purchased from outside vendors. European Textile Group guarantees all of its clothing.

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See what can we do for you and your business in Agribusiness


We can make the right connections, linking farmers large and small to the global marketplace. We supply high-quality commodity products to end-customers - from entire nations to small livestock producers

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We have built relationships with oilseed growers and customers for over 20 years and are now the world’s largest oilseed processor.

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Managing physical flows

Nearly 20 years of experience in transporting and storing foodstuffs means we are experts in managing physical flows, as we connect farmers to customers across the world.

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Sugar and bioenergy

We are a leading producer of sugar and ethanol and a leading trader and merchandiser of sugar worldwide.

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